Trade Topped
200% in
and Value

ECX traded 79,019 tons of commodities in the month of February 2019 Soybean trade increased 216% and 221% in trade volume and value respectively the previous month. Soybean trade had shown increment in both value and volume since its introduction. During the month 30,199 tons of coffee 7,420 tons of white Pea bean, 26,749 tons of sesame and 14,650 tons of Soya Bean has been transacte. Coffee took a market lion’s share contributing 38 % in trade volume and trade value with a share of 57 % respectively. The trade performance of coffee has increased by 10.77% and 10.54% in trade volume and values compared with the trade performance of the previous month, January 2019. 18,383 tons of Unwashed Export coffee had been transacted. 1,062 tons of Washed Export coffee had been cleared. A total of 26,749 tons of sesame had been traded while Humera sesame took higher share of the market scoring 74 % and 75 % in terms of volume and value. The average price of sesame has increased by 5.52% compared to the previous month. Trade value of sesame has also increased by 13% compared with the same month of previous year.

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